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With extensive experience and dedicated clinical experts, we will provide the expertise and resources you need to successfully manage every aspect of your clinical development.

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MonitorForHire.com is now part of BioBridges!

MonitorForHire is the only patented resource management tool for locating, assembling, and contracting a workforce of independent clinical research monitors.

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More than a vendor,
we're an integral part of your team.

For biotech companies, medical device companies, and both emerging and established pharmaceutical companies, we do more than just provide additional personnel. Our highly skilled and experienced consultants bring a focus and dedication to your projects that seamlessly align with your immediate needs.

Our full suite of professional services ensure you have the comprehensive support and expertise your project requires.

We know clinical development is your life's work. And we understand you need resources you can count on to bring the results of that work, your vision, to market. At BioBridges, we can help. Our expert, experienced consultants can hit the ground running and manage all aspects of your projects. We work tirelessly with your team, helping you get your product out to the world efficiently, affordably, and safely.

You see, it's our life's work to help you achieve yours. And since our inception in 2005, our proprietary and scalable Career Portfolio® Management model and our collaborative mindset have played a crucial role in successful partnerships with over 500 companies.

Service Areas


Biostatistics is responsible for the development of statistical analysis plans for clinical studies and proper interpretation of scientific data generated from clinical studies.

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Clinical Operations

Clinical Operations, or Clinical Trial Development, is responsible for the management and oversight of clinical studies with direct oversite of vendors, clinical sites, and clinical research organizations (CROs).

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Data Management

Clinical Data Management (CDM) is a critical aspect of clinical research, which leads to the generation of high-quality, reliable, and statistically sound data from clinical trials.

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Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs is responsible for developing, managing, and optimizing the lifecycle of a product after it has been approved.

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Medical Oversight

Medical directors are key to drug development teams and are responsible for clinical program leadership, clinical study development, oversight, monitoring, and reporting. This function can have input into initial study design, protocol, development, full study execution, or select medical task assistance.

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Non-clinical is responsible for estimating and optimizing the safe dose for the first-in-human study and predicting a product's safety profile.

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Program Management

Program Management is responsible for advancing an experimental product across functions, from research to development to commercialization.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance assures that products have appropriate characteristics of “safety, identity, strength, quality, and purity.”

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Regulatory Affairs

Our Regulatory Affairs consultants ensure that your company complies with relevant regulations and laws, liaises with regulatory agencies (such as FDA) and internal teams on specific issues pertaining to drug/device development, and leads cross-functional teams to develop regulatory submissions (IND, NDA, etc.)

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Safety & Pharmacovigilance

Drug safety, also known as pharmacovigilance (PV), is the pharmacological science relating to the collection, detection, assessment, monitoring, and prevention of adverse effects with pharmaceutical or device products.

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Functional Expertise

BioBridges' functional experts work with you to assess and understand your programs and best leverage our consultants' career portfolios® to your benefit.

Whether you need highly specific individual skills, CRO oversight, or functional teams, our functional experts have extensive knowledge, experience, and a wide range of expertise. From Biostatistics and Clinical Operations to Medical Oversight and Regulatory Affairs, our specialists will help you successfully accomplish the work at hand.

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We consider the experiences of our professionals and clients to be the best metrics by which we measure our impact.

Meet our functional experts.

William Heydon

| BioBridges Professional
Over the past few years, I have been contacted by a number of agencies regarding projects. Most turn out to be “black holes” where I submit a resume and never hear anything back. BioBridges has reached out to me with a number of opportunities. I am now working with a gene editing company that plans to file its first IND later this year. I appreciate all of the attention and guidance I receive from BioBridges, and highly recommend them.

Ariel Brown

| BioBridges Professional
My work with BioBridges has been one of a kind. I have worked with several consulting companies and this one has been the best! They are extremely efficient and make sure their clients are well taken care of. I worked closely with Lygia who has provided so much help during the process of working with a new company. From interview/company prep to occasional check-ins to making sure you're happy with your current assignment.

Crystal Little

| BioBridges Professional
What do I like most about working at Biobridges is 1) the people I work with, and 2) the freedom to create a way of working that works best for me.

Biobridges hires THE BEST people, and I've always found it easy to fit in, and learn the business. It's a company that offers you diverse professional experience.

Jeaneen Wallis

| BioBridges Professional
So working with BioBridges has been a big improvement from my previous staffing organization. The people are available (...even on their way to the gym) and readily share information about new opportunities. I feel engaged and not left alone once the contracts are signed. They were also supportive in making recommendations when I needed to change my business insurance.

Jerilyn Jacobson-Russo

| BioBridges Professional
Being part of Biobridges is like being part of a family. I have worked with the team for almost twenty years now. They have helped me procure employment after my son's birth, a death in the family, and several layoffs. They have celebrated my marriage and various accomplishments with their client.

I value the care they show to ensure my placement is a good fit for all involved, and they always advocate in my best interest. I am grateful that they are both employers and friends of our family.

Afrooz Afghani

| BioBridges Professional
There are so many factors that make BioBridges a special place to work for. First and foremost, is the fact that you have someone (your 'career manager') who goes to bat for you. Finding the right position is really a full-time job and the career manager takes over that responsibility and gives you full support throughout the process. Secondly, BioBridges makes sure you don't set yourself up for failure when it comes to CV preparation, career summary details, and submitting you for the most suitable jobs. And last but not least, I love the fact that you have the opportunity to work for several different clients with various needs, unique therapeutic areas, and exceptional professionals. In short, BioBridges offers the best work scenario for busy individuals who want flexibility and independence in their careers. I love it!

Shari Thomas

| BioBridges Professional
BioBridges is the best company I've ever worked with and I always recommend them to my network.

I've been with BioBridges for five year and have always been placed with high performing clients. Each client has told me they choose BioBridges for talented, skilled, and qualified candidates for their company's business needs. I'm proud to work for BioBridges, and even prouder to know industry's clients recognize our value in contributing to their success.

Julie Crider, PhD

| BioBridges Professional
I really appreciate the time and effort the Biobridges team takes to ensure that my skills are a good fit for each upcoming project. There is always 'someone in my corner' when I take on a new project. Regular check-ins with my career director serve to provide updates on projects. A team member gives me feedback from the client so that I can make sure my work is 'on target'. Finally, the invoicing process is very convenient and the promptness of payment is exceptional. Overall, I'm very pleased with my collaboration with the BioBridges team and highly recommended them to potential contractors as well as companies seeking well-qualified clinical development professionals.

Christopher M. Cameron , PhD

| BioBridges Professional
I have been a medical writing consultant for nearly 10 years, 3 of it with Biobridges. I have found them to be extremely responsive, professional, and a great pleasure to work with. They have provided me with a constant stream of interesting, stimulating work for a variety of clients. Unlike some vendors, they are extremely sensitive to the amount of work that they send my way - cognizant both of the fact that it could be too much or too little, depending on the writer.

Their rates are quite favorable and they pay promptly every Friday.

I hope our professional relationship continues until my retirement.