BioBridges helps exceptional pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device professionals pursue the work that inspires them. Our scalable Career Portfolio® Management model allows highly skilled professionals to focus on the work they are passionate about while collaborating with our clients to advance science and produce therapies for patients who need them.

How it Works.

How it Works

BioBridges is focused on accomplishing the work required for successful clinical development. Are you ready to make an impact?

Career Portfolio™ Management.

Career Portfolio® Management

Experienced experts manage so many critical aspects of our lives: doctors for our health, financial planners for our finances, and lawyers for our legal matters. Isn’t it time you engaged an expert to manage something as important as your career?

Functional Expertise.

Functional Expertise

Would your career or your programs benefit from having access to a community of experienced professionals who can apply and share their functional expertise?


- BioBridges has been engaged by a Washington-based, biotechnology company, to provide quality validation expertise in 21 CFR Part 11 and support validation activities for an SAS server.


- In an attempt to replicate the experience of in-office work, many managers new to the remote-work space in 2020 introduced a variety of video calls to replace the casual drop-in conversations of the office itself. While at first these meetings may have been a helpful transition, many people found that...



BioBridges helps you build and sustain a career that matters, with work that energizes, satisfies, and inspires you.

The BioBridges Career Portfolio® Management model unlocks your full potential as a professional. Working for BioBridges, you are engaged in rewarding pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device programs that leverage your individual skills and experience. We are your professional advocate, aligning you with work you are passionate about and providing a supportive community of like-minded professionals. When you work for BioBridges, you receive the support and career management that frees you to concentrate on the work. Together we deliver the contributions necessary to advance science and produce therapies for patients who need them.

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We understand the nuances, specificity, and experiences that are required to successfully move your products through clinical trials.

BioBridges’ professionals are highly experienced individuals who advance science and produce therapies for patients who need them. Moving products through clinical trials requires comprehensive experience and extensive knowledge of the process. We are focused on the work and committed to serving as an integral part of your program. Whether you are an emerging start-up or an established company, looking for individuals or functional teams, BioBridges’ professionals provide guidance and support to accomplish the objectives across all areas of clinical development.

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We consider the experiences of our professionals and clients to be the best metrics by which we measure our impact.


Lauren S.

BioBridges Professional Data Management

“The BioBridges community has been overwhelmingly supportive and knowledgeable, and it certainly fosters an environment that promotes success. They understand both the marketplace and my functional area and as a result I have already been engaged in two inspiring programs that have allowed me to leverage my existing knowledge base while broadening my experience and taking on new challenges and gaining new experiences and opportunities. I feel more secure in my career today than I ever have.”


Herb S.

Founding CEO Emerging Pharmaceutical Company

“We are a results-oriented, entrepreneurial drug development enterprise, and we needed expert clinical development resources aligned with our pace and culture. TheBioBridges team spearheaded our Phase 2 clinical strategy and drove through a successful, multi-site implementation. They truly partnered seamlessly with our medical, regulatory, and product development teams, and also played a key role in our strategic partnering process. They are an invaluable resource and we certainly plan to continue to engage them across our technology platform.”


Katherine K.

BioBridges Professional Biostatistics

“Working for BioBridges I have found my eudaimonia. The opportunity to collaborate with colleagues who have such a strong sense of integrity has allowed me to continue to grow in my career.”