About Us

At BioBridges, we have the resources and expertise to manage all aspects of clinical trials for emerging and established life sciences, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies.

Working with BioBridges

Affordable, specialized, and dedicated to your trial's success, we bridge the gap between your life's work and a healthier world.

Since our inception in 2005, we have designed and built our proprietary and scalable Career Portfolio® Management model, which engages our consultants to meet the specialized needs of our clients' clinical programs. This model has stood the test of time in our work with over 500 companies since our founding in Cambridge, MA.

Today, our highly skilled consultants serve a national base of clients around the United States with clinical development services. We collaborate with our clients to advance science, provide clinical trial services, and produce therapies for patients who need them.

As a life sciences consulting firm, BioBridges has the resources and expertise of highly skilled clinical experts to serve as an integral part of your team, helping researchers bring innovative products to market efficiently and safely.

Where we've been and where we're going.

Use the timeline below to see where we've been and where we're going.


Biobridges opened in Wellesley with 3 partners and 2 employees.


Jeff Souza joined Biobridges as CEO and partner. With his help, a functional expert team was developed.


Biobridges staff grows to 18 with over 150 clients and 125 professional consultants.


Biobridges relocated to Waltham, MA.


Biobridges employs over 40+ functional experts, serving more than 300 clients and over 250 professional consultants.

We have a national reach.

With a National reach of over 600+ clients around the country, BioBridges is helping researchers bring innovative products to market efficiently and safely.


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