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Jason Falchuk by Jason Falchuk Published Mar 23, 2017 Last updated Apr 4, 2017

We all turn to a real estate agent when we are house hunting. If we have a legal issue, we retain an attorney. When we are sick, we call our primary care physician.

Then, I beg to ask the question, “Are we giving the same consideration to something as important as our career/our livelihood?”

Career advocates open doors you didn’t know existed.

While there are so many examples of how we overlook just how important this concept is, one that always translates well is the time when my wife and I were house hunting several years ago.  Being that I represented others, we thought it was unnecessary to hire a real estate agent. After all we weren’t selling, we were buying. So, we got access to the local listings and went out to the market self-represented and unprepared.

It was as disheartening as it was a great learning experience. The good news is that I bought a few years without having to pack because the bad news is that I was still living in a home that didn’t support my family’s needs. Eventually, years later, we decided to call the one broker who really impressed us. She had actually talked us out of putting an offer in on the wrong home that we would soon outgrow. At the time we thought she was crazy because she was the listing agent and was walking away from a commission.

What she was doing was even greater than that.

She was thinking ahead and wanted to maintain her integrity and earn our trust to create a lasting relationship. She was genuine and she was an expert in the marketplace. Her company was truly a brand in the community and association with her and her brand was instant progress. It said we are serious. She saw homes and opportunities and educated us to their pros and cons.  She connected us with her network of architects, builders, and homeowners to see the potential of homes that we passed over.

The irony is that I didn’t begin this search in the same fashion I encourage others to do with their career. Also, it was the first time I truly recognized just how important what BioBridges does for our clients and consultants. The more we worked together, the more we discovered the incredible synergies between the value of having a broker and the value BioBridges provides. Just as she introduced us to her network, we too share our incredibly deep and sought after community amongst our clients and consultants helping others recognize their objectives and paths as well as the actions needed to achieve them.

Exclusivity is commitment.

The first paragraph in our broker’s agreement clearly pointed out that the foundation and success of our relationship is exclusive and based on mutual trust and commitment.  While I think it may have scared my wife, it gave me a wonderful sense of confidence in our outcome. Our broker sensed my wife’s hesitation and began to explain that she will show us homes that we have never seen or know of and we will point some out to her.

She said at first it may seem odd that we would inform her of homes but assured us that in the result would be that much more amazing if we worked together, if we were committed. She promised that we would recognize the value of being represented, not just chasing a home and in each and every situation she would bring the same knowledge, resources and representation in negotiation to every home we considered. She said it is not the contract terms that require her to work this way, it is her belief that anything less will diminish our returns. She was absolutely right.

When we commit to those who choose to bring their careers to BioBridges, we are committing to working together for many years to come. As we are soon embarking on our 10th year as a business, our ability to retain our team (many with us for 5 plus years) is as impressive as it is uncommon.  Many people who choose to come here include former clients who found themselves looking for work every 1-3 years due to companies moving through their evolutions of some who make it (in what form that maybe through independent success or acquisition) and some having less favorable outcomes.

As clients, they have enjoyed the incredible flexibility of and value from our model. They have experienced the amazing commitment and enthusiasm our team had to the programs they were involved in as well as to themselves being a part of BioBridges. Our consultants recognize that career planning is a job within itself and that their talents and desires are better served elsewhere. They understand the concept that by committing, they will only gain.

Key takeaways:

  • Lawyers, Doctors, Real Estate Agents, Career Advocates – Are the experts in their discipline and invested in your outcome
  • Long-lasting, committed relationships are built on knowledge and expertise
  • Your career advocate works with you to define your career goals then helps you to achieve those goals

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