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Career Portfolio® Management


BioBridges represents and manages the careers of clinical development professionals who want to leverage their skills and experience to advance science and produce therapies for patients who need them.

Our Career Portfolio® Management model will develop your career by aligning you with the work you are passionate about, the contributions you want to make, and the programs you wish to impact. When you work for BioBridges, you receive the support and career management that frees you to concentrate on the work.

Our Career Managers are your professional advocates. As you impact programs and expand your skills and experience, you are surrounded by colleagues who share your belief that professional success is gauged by satisfaction and growth, and accomplishments are measured by contributions.

BioBridges believes that a successful career is defined by the ability to achieve satisfaction and growth through a focus on the work that inspires. We also believe a successful career is diverse, rewarding, and achieves a realistic and sustainable work-life integration. Our Career Portfolio® Management model is grounded in these objectives and helps you to build a career trajectory that strengthens and ultimately expands your career portfolio®.

Working for BioBridges is a conscious choice for professionals who seek the fulfillment that comes from focusing on the work that inspires them.


Over the years, BioBridges has successfully supported hundreds of programs for emerging and established pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies.

Our clients recognize the correlation between the ability to accomplish the work and their success in advancing science and producing therapies for patients who need them.

BioBridges Career Portfolio® Management model gives you the capacity to accommodate the ever-changing dynamics of clinical development.  We know that you have real work that needs to be accomplished; we also know that it can only be realized if you have access to highly skilled and experienced professionals in a flexible and managed manner that aligns with your immediate program needs.

Our Career Portfolio® Management model enables you to engage exceptional life science professionals as needed who are focused on your work and provide the skills and experiences you require.

Most importantly, BioBridges professionals bring focus and dedication to your projects because they are driven to focus on the work. They have made a conscious choice to work for BioBridges, supporting our clients’ programs to make an impact that matters.

Our client services team and functional experts will work with you to assess and understand your programs and best leverage our professionals’ career portfolios® to your benefit. Whether your requirements are highly specific individual skills, CRO oversight, or functional teams, the BioBridges Career Portfolio® Management model will successfully help you accomplish the work at hand.

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Functional Expertise

BioBridges engages individuals, project teams, and functional teams for project ramp-up and support, functional gaps, vendor oversight, and rescue work. Below are some of the areas in which we can impact your programs.