Strategic Cross-Functional Collaborative Leadership (Academia)

The Situation

A premier academic institution and research center with critical partnerships with large pharma, biotech, and device organizations recognized a gap: they required industry experience to effectively collaborate with their sponsor partners. Additionally, our client faced the emerging challenges of managing the ever-changing considerations resulting from COVID-19, which were amplified due to their lack of experience with a remote work force.

The Solution

BioBridges was engaged to provide functional oversight and lead the collaboration between their staff of highly accomplished academic researchers and sponsor partners, providing support across regulatory affairs, clinical program management, study management, data management, pharmacovigilance, quality assurance, and remote monitoring.

The Results

Our client recognized that delivering therapies of scientific significance requires relentless innovation, supported by collaborative execution. BioBridges’ seasoned industry professionals provided this academic institution with the experience and skills needed in their complex partnerships to increase efficiencies and move their much-needed therapies forward.

At BioBridges, we have highly skilled consultants with extensive experience in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device industry. With a wide range of expertise, these life science consultants are incredibly well suited to step in and immediately provide valuable contributions to your development programs. Whether you are an emerging start-up or an established company, looking for individuals or functional teams, BioBridges' consultants provide guidance and support to accomplish the objectives across all areas of clinical development. You can accomplish the work with experienced professionals whose passion is to focus on programs that inspire them, move important work forward, and make an impact. Engaging BioBridges gives you the ability to accomplish the work at hand.

Service Areas

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